UD Nanofabrication Facilities

The UD Nanofabrication Facility (UDNF), part of the research wing of UD’s Harker Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Laboratory (ISE Lab), will open in January of 2016. The facility is being equipped with a complete suite of equipment for nanofabrication processes in multiple material platforms. Our experienced staff will provide hands-on training and support for users.

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Nanofab Prospective Users Meeting

Nov. 10th 2-3pm, 417 ISE Lab (Classroom side)

Nov. 11th 1-2pm, 322 ISE Lab (Classroom side)

Nanofab Grand Opening

Jan. 25 2016: Cornell’s Harold Craighead will give a talk as part of the event. More details soon.



UD Research

The UD Nanofabrication Facility (UDNF) exists to meet the research needs of our faculty and external users. Areas of related research excellence at UD included photonic devices, nanostructured solid state materials with unique optoelectronic and magnetic functionality, biomedical devices and nanoscale biomaterials.

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UDNF Capabilities

The UDNF is part of the research wing of the 194,000 square foot Harker Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Laboratory (ISE Lab). The primary objective of the facility is to provide the infrastructure, equipment and staff support necessary to enable existing faculty, new faculty and academic and corporate partners to undertake competitive research and development in the growing number of fields that rely on nanofabrication. Our 8,500 square foot cleanroom is divided into Class 100 and Class 1000 space and will open to researchers in January 2016. Please choose Capabilities to explore our “day one” capabilities and plans for continued growth. Please choose Immediate access to learn about and access existing campus nanofabrication capabilities.

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Getting Started

Beginning in Fall of 2015, this link will provide information on training and access for potential new users of the UDNF.

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Current Users

Information for current users on training, equipment status and scheduling.

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Industrial Partners

The UDNF is actively working to build long-term partnerships with industrial users. Information on partnership opportunities and mechanisms will be coming soon.

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